-=About Us=-


While Dan types this Linda is sitting close by and supervising, so he can’t be too outrageous. I’m sure you’re wondering “What’s with this ‘About Us’ page? I’ve known these people for years!”.  Well yes, you are correct.  But did you know that Linda has severe left kick just before falling asleep? Did you know that Dan sleeps with his eyes open? Did you also know that the latter was a Darwinian adaptation to the former?

Well, now you do.

Additionally, do you know how we met? No? Well let me show you how:

Linda: Good morning. Here you are.
Dan: [takes the daily morning report] Oh, thanks!
Linda: [smiles and walks off]

Yup. Bitterly Usual was a fabulously enchanting work environment.

After about 4 months of morning reports and smiles, Dan finally racked up the nerves to ask Ashley if Linda was single. Ashley said yes. After some more high-schoolish behavior from a 26 year old, Dan finally eked out Linda’s phone number and the dating began. It was small town stuff. Guthries here and Gritty’s there; we decided to be secretive due to our work situation, so we figured the safest bet was a bar after 10pm. Who at work would be at the bar after 10pm? More accurately, who from work at the bar after 10pm would care?

After about 6 months of dating, Dan moved off to Boston for greener pastures. The greener pastures turned out to be filled with cow manure, but a year later, never minding the manure, Linda moved to Boston as well. Life was good. So good in fact, around Christmas time Dan proposed to Linda. It was a quaint proposal with a fireplace and some candles. And unfortunately, to the horror of all the single men out there, Linda accepted his proposal with much excitement.

It would be another several months of dirty Boston air until Dan and Linda decided to move back to Maine. Among the moving, wedding and vacation planning Dan and Linda still found time to create this lovely blog to keep all of you, the Important Ones, up-to-date with the most important moment of their lives… for now. Just wait until they have kids.

If you think this was adventurous, oh man… allow them to apologize in advance.


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