Wedding Favors in the Works

I just had a great idea last night for wedding favors.  Originally, I was going to make blueberry jam.  Then, I decided that making 100+ jars of jam was a lot of work and I haven’t quite perfected my recipe so it was all a little too risky with the amount of time I have left until October 1st.  Sorry folks.

That being said, I had another delicious idea instead.  It’s still in the works but let’s just say there will be a couple flavors.  And that it’s made here in Maine.  And maybe it’ll be at the table where the guest book is when you first walk in to the reception.  And that it’ll be popping-ly delicious.  Have I said too much?  Hmm.




Why hello there!

Just wanted to check in with our readers out there and reveal a little something(s) for the wedding.  We’re going with a maritime-type of theme and our colors are royal purple and yellow.  Oooooo Ahhhhhh!


Feeling right at home

Hola!  I felt like sharing a few random pics… so here they are.

Abby on the couch.  If you haven’t met her yet, you probably should.  She’s kind’ve a big deal.  🙂

Precious on the couch. A little blurry but you get the idea… she spends most of her time in this exact position in that same spot for hours.  LOVES it:




Dan playing golf right next door to us at Rivermeadow.  He shot a 41!  And just the other day he shot a 35! Go Dan!

Wedding Registry

So I hear the invites have slowly been popping up in mailboxes everywhere.  If this is true, that means people other than myself and Dan have been reading this blog.  Hi there!

Today was an eventful and productive day.  We had a peek at where the rehearsal dinner will be and went to the venue with Brigitte (Dan’s mom) to attack the layout/decor plans.  I can’t give away all of the awesome plans we have in store for you… but I may leak some hints as the big day draws near.  I guess you’ll just have to subscribe to our blog to stay updated!  Did you see what I did there?

Back to the main purpose of today’s post.  Wedding registries!  We are officially signed up for two registries: Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.  What everyone else has said about the wedding registry process is true.  It’s a great time!  Stick one of those UPC scanners in our hands and it can get a little out of control.  Mission accomplished.


Official Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Itinerary

Linda and Daniel’s Ceremony Itinerary

Friday, August 26, 2011


  • Musician begins playing music (ukulele) for guests


  • Ceremony processional line-up at Sunset Cove
  • Groom Daniel standing with officiant in front
  • Mother of the Groom – Brigitte walk in and sit down
  • Mother of the bride – Yen walk in and sit down
  • Robyn Pelkey
  • Sheena Lashua
  • Bride with father – Huong


  • Ceremony begins (6 standing;  8 seated)
  • Processional Song: Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton (instrumental only)
  • Recessional Song: One Love by Bob Marley (instrumental only)


  • Wedding ceremony ends
  • Photographer takes photos of: Bride and Groom, Bride and Groom with wedding party, with families, etc.
  • Musician plays music during picture taking


  • Musician ends


  • Photographer ends
  • Wedding coordinators escort guests to luau